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Floating Dock Trash Deflector

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Introducing a Cost-Effective Tool for your Trash Management

Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. has developed a floating dock trash deflector that can be a cost-effective addition to your tools for managing and disposal of water weeds, algae and other debris that floats down your canals and interferes with your water management.

Over the past few years AS2I, with assistance from St. Mary River Irrigation District and Scottco Marine, have been testing a prototype of a floating dock and screen to collect and/or direct floating debris in a canal. A single dock and screen unit can be used to direct debris past a turnout as depicted in plan “A” or a string of units can be assembled across a canal as in plan “B” to bring the debris to one of our automated In-Line trash racks for removal from the canal.

Two units will be in-place on the SMRID North-East Lateral in 2011 directing floating weeds and algae past two major turnouts and on into their North-East Reservoir.

A large percentage of the debris in a canal is floating on the surface and in the top two or three feet of depth. The floating dock with a self-cleaning screen positioned at an angle across the canal effectively re-directs this debris with virtually no effect on the normal water flow in the canal. Removing this debris from the canal can have major benefits to other down stream screening devices and to water users.