Aqua Systems 2000 Inc.

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Wireless SCADA Communications Design and Service

System Design

  • Complete in-house radio system design from concept to implementation
  • Design with an optimum balance between reliability and cost depending on customer needs

Propagation Study & Simulation

  • Accurate preliminary assessment of radio paths based on detailed geographical computer models.
  • A radio path simulation coupled with concise field path-tests offer a high degree of confidence in the design of a reliable link.

Radio Frequency Path Tests & Site Survey

  • Site visits with point-to-point radio field tests to measure the real path, validate the simulations, and identify any physical obstructions.
  • Measure the presence, direction and strength of any potentially interfering radio signals that may be operating in the area.

Industry Canada Radio License Application

  • Complete Government radio license applications and follow the licensing process through until approval.

Radio Equipment Installation

  • Install radio and antenna equipment in new and existing control panels to comply with local regulations.

Radio System Troubleshooting

  • Fast and efficient fault finding in any wireless system with the use of specialized cable, antenna and radio-spectrum analyzers that measure critical performance parameters at high frequencies.

Radio System Preventative Maintenance

  • Routine maintenance to ensure that your radio system is performing at peak performance and identify signs of problems with radio equipment, RF-cables and antennas before they fail.