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Micro SCADA Ready Controller

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Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. introduces the Micro SCADA Ready Controller for irrigation canal control operations. Plug and play SCADA systems are made easy with built-in support for the widely accepted Modbus® communications protocol.

Developed around an off-the-shelf industrial programmable logic controller with incorporated touch screen human machine interface, this integrated package is a reliable, flexible and user friendly control solution for both over-shot and under-shot control gates. Combined with fully operator configurable control algorithms, the Micro SCADA Ready Controller from Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. provides solid control for single gate applications.


  • Low power, 12 or 24 Vdc operation
  • Suitable for solar powered applications
  • NEMA 4/12 equipment enclosure
  • Maple Systems PLC-HMI controller
  • Integrated 12 or 24Vdc reversing motor starter with overload protection
  • Fully adjustable control and alarm settings
  • Accepts loop powered level transmitters: cable extension spring return, ultrasonic or differential pressure
  • QPS Evaluation (UL/CSA equivalent) inspected

Control Algorithms:

  • Upstream or Downstream level maintained using proportional plus reset control
  • Over-shot flow control maintained using gate head differential control

Control Applications:

  • Langemann gate
  • LOPAC gate
  • Single-leaf overshot gate
  • Undershot gate
  • Slide Gate
  • Trash management

Application Specific Options:

  • AC power with battery backup
  • DC solar power
  • Weather-proof equipment enclosures
  • Gate position feedback
  • Custom control algorithms